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Wedding Pinwheels: Boutonnieres

Boutonnieres can be a fun, whimsical and unique part of your wedding! We have pinwheel boutonnieres in kid + adult sizes. The kid size boutonniere is a single pinwheel on a stick, and the adult boutonniere  is a double pinwheel on a stick. They come with a felt backing and secure pin. Contact us for custom orders. We will bring your suit coat to life!

{Child-size Pinwheel Boutonniere}

child-size pinwheel boutonniere

child-size blue pinwheel boutonniere close-up

kids pinwheel boutonniere

kids pinwheel boutonniere

boutonniere pinwheel for kids

{Adult size pinwheel boutonniere}

Adult Double Pinwheel Boutonniere

Adult Double Pinwheel Boutonniere close-up

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