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It was a beautiful day when the packages arrived. I had been anticipating them for a while. Vintage family treasures. You know how that is. The joy and mysterious excitement of the unknown contents. I knew they were old. Some older than others. I knew they had belonged to my grandmother. I knew they were saved out especially for me. When I pulled them out of the mail box and put them in the car I heard a rattle. I hoped and prayed and told myself it couldn’t be. I brought them in the house with eager anticipation. As I pulled back the corrugated flaps my fears were confirmed. I was destroyed. Shattered & broken glass everywhere. I wept. I fumbled through the mess, imagining what the glass dishes had looked like before they were reduced to ruins. I couldn’t really think straight the rest of the day. I managed to get the camera out and capture a few images. I believe now it was part of the healing process. A few days later I was at the Farmers Market on Lopez Island. My dear friend introduced me to a mosaic artist who generously gave me some pointers and ideas on how to upcycle my treasured crumbs. I’m grateful and excited. Though I would have preferred to place them on display in their original form. I’ll look forward in anticipation of what they shall become. In the meantime, I do have many special treasures that did survive. Including over a dozen hand crocheted doilies, beautiful vases, various kitchen items and lovely Christmas decorations that I look forward to incorporating into this years holiday decor.

What sort of heirlooms do you treasure?

what remains of at least 6 dishes

plate with image of Fort Vancouver-bought for my Grandmother by my Great Grandmother

Honey Pot

All my other "treasures" that survived the trip

Love all these sweet Holiday goodies

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